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Outer rotor fan series

FZY-II outer rotor energy-saving low noise axial flow fan (double shaft anti-fume)

* FZY series axial flow fan is external rotor motor. This series of outer rotor motor has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient installation, reliable operation, low noise, energy saving and high efficiency.
* FZY series axial flow fans are divided into single-phase asynchronous capacitor operation and three-phase asynchronous operation. It is widely used in the ground automatic control devices, large electronic equipment, medical equipment, computers, office supplies automation, electric welding machines and other industries that require a large amount of air. It can also be used for ventilation, ventilation and purification of buildings and workshops.
* FZY series axial fans have insulation grades of Class B and Class F.
* Voltage: Single-phase capacitor running fan is 220V/50Hz, and three-phase fan is 380V/50Hz. We can produce fans of different voltages and frequencies according to customer requirements.
* The ambient temperature of the fan is between -30 °C and 60 °C, the relative humidity is not more than 90%, and the altitude is not more than 1000m.
* The average applicable life of the fan is more than 30,000 hours.
* The ground wire of the motor must be connected to the external grounding device before using the fan.
* The fan characteristic curve is tested with a wind guide and without a net cover.